21 January 2013

Reserved For Doctor

Warren, RI
January 21, 2013

***Stolen January 29, 2013***


Anonymous said...

Please remove this sign immediately. It is against the law to post such signs. In the eyes of the law, posting such signs is considered to be vandalism. No town or city would give you permission to post art on public property, and especially to post it on traffic signs, where it might create confusion. If you don't remove it immediately, I will remove it myself and discard it.

Anonymous said...

Posting art on traffic signs is dangerous. How many accidents do you suppose you are going to cause when motorists strain to see what your signs "say"? And did you really think it was legal to post them? Don't you think the police or the traffic department will notice what you're doing and start to remove them? Every sign you put up will eventually be discarded. You're wasting your time. Let me add that you're not the first idiot who has done this kind of thing.