21 January 2013

Reserved For Doctor

Warren, RI
January 21, 2013

***Stolen January 29, 2013***

Reserved 0 Permits Only

Warren, RI
January 21, 2013

Thanks to Michael for the street view.
I didn't like this one at all when i finished it. Now that i see it on the street, i really love it. It's a shame that a self-righteous half-wit will be stealing it soon. So it goes.

14 January 2013

Underground Fiberglass Lines In This Area
Call EXXON Company USA
Collect Before Digging
AC 409-231-2261

(12 & 13 are held up in a 'gallery' for now)
Providence, RI

I'm not at all happy with this one. I recently switched from acrylic to enamel because painting with acrylic on metal is seriously frustrating. Turns out enamels are even worse. They cause the exact same problems, cost twice as much, take five times longer to dry, and are pure toxic death. At least with acrylic i can fake it.

I had a cleaner picture of this, but i like the death stare the Bank of America security goon is giving me.

January 14, 2013

***Stolen February 2013***

26 November 2012

Kinder Morgan Tejas Pipeline
Gas Pipeline
In an emergency please call
Damage or removal of this sign is a federal offense. Subject to a $5,000 fine and/or 1 year imprisonment.

Providence, RI
November 26, 2012

That southeastern area is really sloppy. I should have caught that before i put this one up.

(I'm assuming that the person i got this sign from came across it in a perfectly legal manner. It's beat to hell and looks like it was retired due to old age, so it's a pretty safe assumption. I have little and/or no interest in spending a year in a Texas prison. And i can't spare $5,000. Especially not for this nonsense.)

***Stolen February 2013***

20 November 2012


Providence, RI
Double digits means i've more or less reached the quarter million mark. It's all downhill from here.
November 19, 2012

***Stolen February 2013***

29 October 2012

Stewarts Customer Parking Only

Providence, RI
October 29, 2012

***Stolen February 2013***
(If my favorite wing-nut from Warren is in any way responsible for the disappearance of this one, I've got some serious issues with you. If anybody other than him stole it for their own personal reasons, good for you. You got the pick of the litter.)

25 October 2012